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New Garbage and Recycling Carts for 2021

Email Simcoe County with your concerns using our template.

Simcoe County is bringing in large carts for automated collection of recycling and waste starting in November 2021. There will continue to be alternate week ​collection of garbage and recycling with weekly organic pick-ups. The automated cart collection utilizes a mechanical arm, on each truck that picks up, empties and places the carts back on the curb with the driver rarely needing to leave the cab. The carts will have plastic wheels and all black cart bodies, with colour-coded lids to reduce blowing litter. The organics carts will also utilize a “gravity operated cart lock”. The sizes of the carts are as follows:

  • Organics Cart: 120 L
  • Garbage Cart: 240 L – 50% increase in garbage limit, 1.16 sq. ft. more floor space than 120 L
  • Recycling Cart: 360 L

To have an idea of the cart sizes, see this illustration from the City of Toronto:

While we understand the logic of the new system for urban areas, we cannot see how the new bins will work on the lanes and wooded rural roads of Tiny in terms of space and animals. Many residences are on roads without sidewalks or shoulders. Find out more here. Email Simcoe County with your concerns using our template.

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